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Buy Happier Shopping Guarantee

We protect you on all purchases for 30 days. If you have not received an item, or feel it was misrepresented, we work with the seller to settle the issue.

Reach out to the seller.

If the item you purchased wasn’t as described, or was never received, reach out to the seller first for help.


Reach out to us.

If you can’t resolve it with the store or receive no response, contact us.


We step in.

We’ll step in to come to an official resolution for you.

We Make it Right.

I never received the item.

Okanjo will provide proof of shipment from the store, or if none exists, the buyer will get a full refund.

I think the item was misrepresented.

If the store has provided proof that the item was accurately represented, the outcome is in the store’s favor. If the item is deemed misrepresented by Okanjo, the buyer must return the item and receives a full refund.

Tell us how we can help you.

If you’ve had no luck resolving the issue with the store after 10 days, contact us to file an issue.
Read our full Buy Happier Promise in our Terms of Use.

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